Roaming Solutions


Roaming Solutions is a strategic management company heading the ICT division under the umbrella of Roaming Group, and as such is strategically committed to the development of ICT business operations via four companies, Roaming Networks, Enetel Solutions, Zero Gravity and Clock Drive Games, all established with a vision to deliver excellence, empowered by knowledge, innovation and creativity.

Roaming Networks is one of the leading system integration companies in the ICT field in Serbia and the Balkan region. We supply professional consulting, design, implementation, integration and maintenance services in the fields of radio and microwave access networks, passive optical networks, transport systems, IT infrastructure and data centers and security solutions. In recent years we have built a strong presence in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina Austria and Germany. Roaming Networks employs more than 400 skilled professionals. We have partnered with 15 global companies. We offer turnkey solutions customized to the needs of our clients and turn their projects into successful stories. By steadily developing and growing we strive to expand into new markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Enetel Solutions is a software development and system integration company which operates within Roaming Solutions group of companies. We truly believe in the transformative power of our software solutions and their ability to simplify tasks, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Good software design and good relationships come from collaboration. We're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and make smart and reliable IT solutions together. Customers from various industry verticals trust us to lead them through their digital transformation and IT investments, in order to acquire and retain a competitive advantage, since we have a long-lasting experience in development, implementation, integration as well as operation and maintenance of complex information systems. We believe in teamwork, continuous development and education of our employees. We love to learn and collaborate. We have passion for creativity - creativity makes us happy! We are challenged with everchanging market and we offer valuable support in improvement of our clients’business operations through holistic software solutions, consulting and optimization of business processes that ensure agility of our customers.

Zero Gravity Games is the first gaming project of Roaming Solutions. They have created a game Hellion. Hellion was released on Steam last year. It was a top selling game on Steam and it’s just a start of Zero Gravity’s campaign for competing in a crowded global video gaming market. Hellion found the perfect niche in the gaming industry and it’s now gathering a large group of space players and enthusiasts. Their dedication and support will be the engine for Zero Gravity’s future plans.

Clock Drive Games is a game development studio dedicated to the creation of gripping, exciting, and forward-thinking video games. The team consists of battle-tested industry veterans gathered around one goal: to grab you by the shoulders and throw you headfirst into worlds so visceral, so raw and authentic that you can actually feel them. The studio’s first project “Warlander” is being worked on by a zealous team of experts who intend to launch this game at the very top of the gaming industry worldwide.